Letter to the editor: Beedy Parker

Health Care for All

Posted:  Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 10:15pm

We are inching towards having a health care system that covers everyone, like the other “developed” countries of the world. Towards being able to afford to take care of those who are bankrupted by illness, to escaping the byzantine and unaffordable health private health insurance system, where the sick must navigate impossible seas of costly health coverage, in the midst of their illness (likely as not online or through endless phone mazes). They call it “choice”, but the choice doesn’t bring peace of mind or health, it is only “insurance”.

With everyone in the same “pool”, pharmaceutical prices can be negotiated and brought down to something reasonable, and there are other like savings to be had. They say we can’t afford it, that taxes would be too high, but in the counties that cover all their citizens, the total amount spent on medical care is much lower than here, here where many of us left bare, suffering and anxious.. People are healthier and more confident in their lives. People can change jobs if need without fear. Small businesses can start up more easily, without having to worry about covering their employees (big corporation should be grateful too!)

On Thursday, Feb. 28, 6 p.m., at the UU Church in Rockland, there will be a legislative forum on health care reform. with short presentations from legislators followed by Q&A. Sen. Dave Miramant, Reps. Pinny Beebe-Center, Vicki Doudera, and Bill Pluecker will join us. This is a great opportunity to have legislators hear from our members and the public. And please also: join  Maine AllCare’s Director Phil Bailey, Tuesday, Feb 26, 7:00 pm at the Camden Public Library

Come and participate in the effort to get affordable health care for all of us.   Things are moving!

Beedy Parker lives in Camden