Getting work done: Snowstorm no match for Rockport pier project

Fri, 01/07/2022 - 8:30am

    ROCKPORT — A January 7 storm did little to halt progress on the rebuild of the Rockport municipal pier, as a Prock Marine crew replaced pilings and the deck through driving snow.

    The 30-year-old pier is getting rebuilt as part of the town’s $1.63 million infrastructure bond schedule, as approved by voters in 2019, 324 to 185.

    The bond package had been introduced by the Rockport Select Board, with an estimated interest payment of 2.2 percent over 10 years.

    The municipal spending package, as presented in 2019, called for the town to borrow $1.63 million, plus interest, and spend the money on:

    Town Pier ,$162,000

    Public Safety Building Paving, $31,000

    Town Office Building Paving, $31,000

    Harbor Paving, $53,000

    Public Works Building Exhaust Removal System, $30,000

    Public Safety Building Exhaust Removal System, $30,000

    Town Office Vault Fire Suppression System, $15,000

    Park Street Paving (Meadow Street to Brandy Brook), $63,200

    Park Street Paving (White Tail Drive to Route 90), $90,000

    Old Rockland Street Paving (Rockville Street to Route 17 East), $175,000

    South Street Paving (Rockville Street to Beech Hill), $101,000

    Beech Hill to South Street Paving, $202,800

    Gurney Street, $102,000

    Mill Street, $199,000

    Camden Street, $97,000

    Sidewalk Reconstruction/Construction (Russell Ave, Village Corner, West Street, Rockville, Main Street), $250,000