Classic Comedies for Midsummer Nights

Friday Night Flix at Belfast Free Library

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BELFAST —The theme for July at the Belfast Free Library’s Friday Night Flix film series is “Classic Comedies for Midsummer Nights.”

All the movies are free and take place at 7 p.m., in the Abbott Room of the Belfast Free Library.

Kicking off the month on July 5 is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. (1987)

It’s the day before Thanksgiving in New York City, and all Neal Page wants to do is return home to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving. But the next 24 hours prove to be a nightmare. His plane is diverted, his train breaks down and his rental car catches on fire... As if this that weren’t enough, Neal spends the entire trip with an obnoxious boor who just won’t shut up.

Steve Martin and John Candy star as this unlikely odd couple who can’t seem to shake each other.


On July 12 it’s The Freshman (1990)

Marlon Bando in a laugh out loud comedy? Not only that - he steals the show! Brando apes his Godfather character, Don Corleone, as he makes an offer to NYU freshman film school student Mathew Broderick – an offer he can’t refuse. All Broderick has to do is “run a few small errands” for a lot of money. Like they say, “If it sounds too good to be true”… Komodo dragons, The Mob, The FBI, lunatic girlfriends, Brando and even Bert Parks combine to create this one-of-a-kind, clever and campy farce.


On July 19 it’s the romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally.” (1989)

Is it possible for an eligible man and eligible woman to be just friends? Will the “benefits” ruin a great friendship? That’s the question Harry and Sally struggle with at different points in their lives. Like fine wine, some movies only get better with age. Watch this one again, if only for Meg Ryan’s fake orgasm scene at Katz’ Deli, prompting the famous movie quote, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan star in, arguably, the best romantic comedy of its generation, according to the Library, in a news release.


July 26 it’s History of the World: Part One (1981)

What would a month of comedy be without a Mel Brooks’ film? Here, Brooks takes us on a tour of the seminal moments of mankind – The Stone Age, The Old Testament, The Roman Empire, The Spanish Inquisition and The French Revolution.

It’s history at its most hysterical – and features an all star cast of Sid Caesar, Madeline Kahn, Dom Deluise, Gregory Hines, Cloris Leachman, Jackie Mason, Bea Arthur and Harvey Korman. And narrated by - who else?

Orson Welles.

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