Fire, EMS, Coast Guard race the crates during Lobster Festival

Posted:  Sunday, August 6, 2017 - 6:30pm

ROCKLAND – “We thought we’d get three or four teams,” organizer Cynthia Powell said. “Instead we got 10 teams” for the First Responder Crate Race Throwdown during the Rockland Lobster Festival.

Organizers wanted to do something special for this year’s 70th anniversary of the Festival. In doing so, they wanted to highlight an aspect of the community. Naturally, according to Powell, first responders came to mind first.

Area responders responded enthusiastically, she said.

Rockland Fire/EMS team members Rick Johnson, Mike Cole, and Bill Pendleton arrived in costume.

Thomaston Fire/EMS team members “The Salty Jakes” Chris Winters, Katy Vanorse, and Sean Goodine attempted to bribe the judges Frank Isganitis, Gordon Page, and Mark Tibbets. with cupcakes. On top of that, the team found amusement in the question ‘Did you train for this event?’

“Ah, no,” Winters said. “We got T-shirts. That’s about it.”

The other eight teams came from the Coast Guard, attempting to strategize the best way across the crates. For them, though, simply stay off the second crate, which broke multiple times under the weight of jumping feet.

Some names of participating Coast Guard crew are: Taylor Thomas, Chase Brooks, Kenneth Richard, Ryan Baker, Xavier Buti, Daniel Koah, Levi Entz, Adam Dupont, and Kyle Regorrah.

Haylie Witham, 2017 Maine Sea Goddess, not needing any team, left the men in her dust.


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