Talk at Camden Public Library March 28

Exploration and obsession: Into the heart of Labrador in 1903

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CAMDEN- Following a failed 1903 canoe expedition that resulted in the death of her husband Laddie, Mina Hubbard decided to attempt the same trip to northern Labrador. Joanne Hedou will present a talk, “Exploration and Obsession in the Heart of Labrador” on the Hubbard expeditions, at the Camden Public Library on Tuesday, March 28, at 7 p.m.

The story about Mr. Leonidas (Laddie) J. Hubbard’s failed expedition that was published by Dillon Wallace after that expedition enraged Mina, and thus she planned and undertook her own expedition to Labrador in 1905 to vindicate Laddie’s choices. She hired Laddie’s guide, George Elson, to guide her on her husband’s intended journey; the outcome being successful mapping of parts of Labrador.

The Hubbard expeditions have fascinated people for years. The ambition, exploration, failure, and final success of the combined trips is a parable about the egoism of the Age of Exploration. The love that prompted Mina’s trip lasted from before her journey up the Naskapi River to the end of her life and is a compelling story.

For a time, the stories of Mina and Laddie’s explorations were on the fringe of history, but in 1988, James West Davidson and John Rugge’s book Great Heart brought their story back into the historical record of explorations of the north. Hedou will describe the Hubbard and Wallace expeditions and the thread of history that makes them relevant in contemporary Maine. There will be an opportunity for discussion and a question and answer period following the presentation.

Joanne Hedou is a Fluvial Geomorphologist with an MS from the University of Massachusetts Department of Geosciences. As part of her graduate work she worked on climate data research and a paleoclimate study of large lakes throughout North America. In addition to her work as a consultant for government agencies and with non-profits in Washington State since 1985, she has been researching and writing about climate change, the environmental movement, and the Hubbard expeditions.


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Thu, 03/28/2019 - 7:00pm

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Camden Public Library, Camden, ME

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(207) 236-3440