Letter to the editor: Jeffrey Payson

Evangelos for Maine House 91

Sun, 10/04/2020 - 7:45pm

I am writing to voice my support for Jeffrey Evangelos, Independent for House District 91: West Union, Waldoboro, Washington, and Friendship.  I have known Jeff for more than 40 years and found him to be intelligent, honest, hardworking and willing to listen to all sides of an issue, allowing for negotiation and compromise. 

I also know Jeff to be dedicated to civil and human rights, personal freedom and social responsibility.  Jeff Evangelos has a proven track record of fiscal conservatism and fiscal restraint.

When I first met Jeff he was Warren's Town Manager.  I remember this highly motivated young man, fresh from UMO with a master's degree in American History, willing, even anxious, to make the world a better place.

During his tenure, Warren built a new Town Garage and Fire Station, built the footbridge across the river at Payson Park and bought a gravel pit, at a bargain price, to provide the town with material for many years.  The site is now further utilized as the town's transfer station.  Jeff left a legacy of significant, long term improvements for the betterment of the town.  

I next had a connection with Jeff through the SAD 40 Superintendent’s office in Waldoboro, where Jeff was responsible for non-teaching personnel, buses and buildings, and oversight of the construction of five schools and four gymnasiums. 

For 16 years Jeff presented balanced budgets while fighting to provide living wages and benefits for the workers. He worked diligently to reduce operating costs of the district's infrastructure through efficiency and planning.  Jeff's hard work and vision has saved all the towns in the district huge money AND improved the facilities that our children attend.  After retiring from public service, Jeff successfully ran his own small business in Waldoboro for 20 years and moved to his self-sufficient farm in Friendship.

My business, Northeast Transport, is located in Waldoboro.  As a businessman and major local employer, I know we need Jeff Evangelos; he is someone who understands economics, business and the needs of District 91. 

Jeff has 100% voting support of the lobster fishery, is endorsed by the Maine Education Association, the Maine Conservation Voters and the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine.

Jeff has never lost sight of, or his concern for, those in our society who have experienced discrimination, for which has earned the endorsement of Equality Maine, who praised him for his leadership and 100% voting record in support of equal rights.  

For a representative who is intelligent, hardworking, experienced in public government and private business, fiscally conservative and with a proven record of standing for the rights of women and minorities, I strongly endorse independent candidate Jeffrey Evangelos for House District 91, and urge my friends in Union, Waldoboro, Washington and Friendship to support Jeff by voting on Tuesday November 3 or mail in ballot well in advance of that day.

Jeffrey Payson lives in West Rockport