Estimated number of vaccinated students in area school districts increases

Wed, 10/20/2021 - 11:00pm

    AUGUSTA — The Maine CDC has updated the estimated COVID-19 vaccination rate of students in each school administrative unit.  

    With the data release, the Maine CDC continues to urge all eligible individuals in Maine to receive the Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  

    The Maine Department of Health and Human Services and Maine Department of Education estimated the rate of COVID-19 vaccination for youth ages 12-18 by SAU as part of a comprehensive plan to support vaccination of school staff and students against COVID-19.

    “These data will equip school leaders with information to make the best decisions for their communities and help parents and students better understand vaccination rates in their areas,” said DHHS Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew. “Paired with our work to support schools in offering vaccination clinics and promoting the benefits of these safe and effective vaccines, we can curb the spread of COVID-19 by boosting vaccination rates in schools throughout Maine.”

    “Families and school communities should work together to ensure access to the COVID-19 vaccine for all who are fortunate enough to be eligible,” said DOE Commissioner Pender Makin. “Our team at Maine Department of Education will continue to offer information, resources, and support to their efforts.”

    The estimated rates are based on the count of youth vaccinated in each zip code as reported to the Maine CDC on people of all ages who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. The number of youth in each SAU is based on Maine DOE data on the number of youth ages 12-18 for whom the SAU was financially responsible as of June 2021. 

    Below is a table of the estimated percentage for the school districts in the coverage area of the Penobscot Bay Pilot, Boothbay Register and Wiscasset Newspaper. These are only estimates given the different data sources and their limitations. The following data is through Oct. 18. 

    District Estimated Percentage of Vaccinated Students
    Appleton  95 + 
    Boothbay/Boothbay Harbor 70 to 74
    Edgecomb 90 to 94
    Georgetown 90 to 94
    Hope 95 + 
    Isle au Haut N/A
    Islesboro 50 to 54
    Lincolnville 95 + 
    Monhegan N/A
    North Haven (RSU 7) N/A
    Northport 95 +
    RSU 1 95 + 
    RSU 3 95 + 
    RSU 12 95 +
    RSU 13 75 to 79
    RSU 20 80 to 84
    RSU 22 75 to 79
    RSU 25 75 to 79
    RSU 40 80 to 84
    RSU 53 75 to 79
    RSU 71 75 to 79
    SAD 28 (including Five Towns CSD) 95 +
    Southport N/A
    St. George 40 to 44
    Vinalhaven (RSU 8) 60 to 64
    Wiscasset 95 +