letter to the editor: Bill Barnes

Elizabeth Warren is most qualified candidate

Fri, 01/03/2020 - 9:15pm

    As the Iowa Caucus approaches, it seems that one candidate, Elizabeth Warren, is getting less buzz than Bernie, Pete or Joe. Some people I talk to say she's "too far left," "too academic" or that old chestnut, "She's not electable." Well, I say "rubbish." She is a former Republican and has humble Oklahoma roots.  She actually LISTENS to her constituents.  She's no elitist- but that's the broad brush with which she has been painted by the media.   It's almost as if the Republican talking points have infiltrated the Democratic primary process. 

    Yes, she wants to make some big changes in Washington.  Yes,  she's left of center.  But this country needs bold new ideas and that's what she offers in abundance. And she has the integrity, courage, intellect and compassion this country really needs right now.  
    The one issue she gets hammered on is her support of Medicare for all. They say "people don't want to have their insurance taken away from them." As someone who spent 18 years in the insurance industry, I tell you that's nonsense. Who really loves their insurance companies?  You mean those outrageous premiums, high deductibles and co-pays, the exclusions and limitations?  Those thousands of dollars in medical bills your insurance won't pay?  One thing I do know: Your insurance company is not your friend.  Nor will it suffer if Medicare eligibility is expanded to include all people- the industry will still make a fortune in "Medigap" coverage.
    Warren is not against insurance companies. She's against corporate greed and corruption.  And I think she is the most qualified candidate in the field. 
    Bill Barnes lives in Hope