Early morning fire chars Lincolnville garage attic

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 3:45pm

LINCOLNVILLE — Under torrential rain and howling winds, firefighters from Lincolnville, Camden, Hope, and Northport extinguished a fire that broke out in a garage attic on Dyer Road just before 6 a.m., Oct. 17.

The fire was noticed by a homeowner who happened to look out the window just before dawn, and saw smoke rising from a two-bay garage 100 feet away from his house. The garage is home to an auto detail business.

He called 911, and then raced upstairs above the garage with a garden hose, attempting to put out the growing fire. When he realized that the garden hose would be insufficient, he moved downstairs to move two cars out of the garage, according to Lincolnville Fire Chief Donald Fullington, Jr.

Fullington, who lives half a mile away from the Dyer Road scene, arrived and closed the building to stop oxygen feeding the fire. A full crew of Camden firefighters arrived with Engine 4, extended a ladder, and attacked the fire with a water line via an attic gable window.

Lincolnville and Hope firefighters went into the garage and up the stairs with another water line. When the fire flared up at the opposite end of the garage, another crew tackled it through the attic window.

Meanwhile, Northport firefighters had set up a water relay from Ocean Falls Estate, further north on Route 1.

“We had a whole lot of help,” said a grateful Lincolnville fire chief. “And we had 20 interior guys ready to go in 20 minutes.”

The garage structure was saved, but the attic is charred, he said.

Fullington said the fire is possibly attributed to heat lamps that had inadvertently been left on overnight and caused combustion.