'Dr. Who' celebrates 50 years in Rockland

Rockland Public Library will host two special screenings on February 14 and 21

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ROCKLAND - Doctor Who is turning 50 years old this year and the Rockland Public Library, in association with BBC Home Entertainment, will celebrate the 50th Anniversary with two special screenings on February 14 and February 21. The first screening will be of "The Sun Makers" with Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor Who, and the second screening will be of "Blink" featuring David Tennant as the tenth incarnation of the famed character. Both screenings will take place at 6:30 p.m.

According to the Guiness World Records, Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction show in television history as well as a British cultural phenomenon. The show features a time traveling alien with two hearts, known only as "The Doctor." Now in his eleventh regeneration, the Doctor travels the universe with a succession of (mostly) earthly companions in the TARDIS - a sentient, time-space vehicle disguised to look exactly like a blue British Police Call Box circa 1963, the year that the series premiered. The Rockland Public Library, in association with BBC Home Entertainment, will be screening two episodes featuring Tom Baker and David Tennant - two of the most popular Doctors in the series.

"The Sun Makers" takes place far in the distant future - Earth has become uninhabitable, forcing mankind to colonize first Mars, and then Pluto. No longer the coldest body in the Solar System, Pluto is now warmed by a series of artificial suns, but access to the sunlight is limited to a select few, while the majority of the citizens of the vast Megropolis cities are being overworked and overtaxed by the ruling elite. When the TARDIS lands on Pluto, the Doctor (Tom Baker), Leela and K-9 discover that the human race has been moved off Earth to do the bidding of the "Company," a ruthless intergalactic conglomerate. It is up to the Doctor to uncover the secret of the Company's head, the "Collector." Robert Holmes wrote this satire after experiencing a frustrating audit by the Inland Revenue services - Britain's version of our IRS. The episode features splendidly over-the-top theatrical performances from Richard Leech and Henry Woolf as the ultra-capitalist villains, and Tom Baker is in fine form as the Doctor. Screened by permission of BBC Home Entertainment.

"Blink" has been voted to be the second best Doctor Who story in the show's long history and one of the most ingenious time travel tales ever filmed. When Sally Sparrow enters an old abandoned mansion to take photographs, things are not exactly what they seem...or are they? Can the Doctor (David Tennant) help her find out? Steven Moffat's Blink won two BAFTA Awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, as well as science fiction's prestigious Hugo Award. In addition, actress Carey Mulligan won the Constellation Award for Best Female Performance in a Science Fiction Television Episode. Screened by permission of BBC Home Entertainment.This screening will feature a post-film discussion with Bill Halpin and Saskia Huising.

These screenings are part of a continuing Thursday evening series of literary, film and musical offerings sponsored by the Rockland Public Library and The Friends of the Rockland Public Library. Admission is free, and special accommodations for persons with disabilities can be made with 48 hours notice.

For more information, contact the Rockland Public Library at 594-0310.


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Thu, 02/07/2013 - 6:30pm
Thu, 02/14/2013 - 6:30pm

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Rockland Public Library


80 Union Street
Rockland  Maine
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(207) 594-0310