Letter to the editor: Diana Hauser

Chip Curry is a team player, has good work ethic, enthusiasm, responsibility

Wed, 08/12/2020 - 2:30pm
I am writing in support of Chip Curry, state Senate candidate for Waldo County.
I met Chip many years ago when we were playing together on the same sports team. He was a very good listener. He knew and followed the rules. He was honest and ethical. He worked for the good of the team, never selfishly for himself. Chip was always inclusive, accepting others on the team, regardless of ability. He was a good sport - graciously winning and accepting a loss with a hearty and courteous handshake.
As a volunteer for our sports group, he was always ready to lend a hand; to step up when needed. He is good-natured; interested in others and eager to know how he can help. All the attributes that make Chip such a good sport will also make him a good state senator.
The patience of listening, inclusiveness of others, being a team player, having a good work ethic, enthusiasm, responsibility, and a genuine interest in representing and helping others.
I am voting for Chip Curry. Please join me. Thank you.
Diana Hauser lives in Unity