community science project: Roads, Rain, and a Couple Thousand Amphibians

CANCELLED: Greg LeClair presents Maine Big Night, March 12

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    This event has been cancelled.

    HOPE — The Stewardship Education Alliance and Sweetland School co-host Greg LeClair, who created Maine Big Night, on Sunday, March 12, at 2 p.m., at Sweetland School, for a free, fun, and informative presentation. 

    Roads, Rain, and a Couple Thousand Amphibians: Call it a Big Night!

    “Every spring, conditions come together to form one of the most eruptive wildlife migrations in the world – right in our backyards,” said SEA, in a news release.

    The warm, rainy nights of spring bring frogs and salamanders out in droves, creating what is referred to as “big nights.” However, many of these migrants face trouble as they meet one of the newest habitats on the landscape – roads.

    This talk will introduce the community science project Maine Big Night, a project that anyone can participate in to collect data and help migrating amphibians in roadways. Amphibian natural history, results from previous years, and compelling stories will also be included.

    Students at Sweetland School and their parents have been helping amphibians cross the road for several years since the school received a grant from the Stewardship Education Alliance for equipment to make this possible.  

    “Please join us,” said SEA.

    Greg LeClair is a PhD student at the University of Maine where he studies new ways to find and conserve threatened species. LeClair is the creator and coordinator of Maine Big Night: Amphibian Migration Monitoring (MBN), a community science project focused on protecting and researching frogs and salamanders during their annual migrations.

    Event Date: 

    Sun, 03/12/2023 - 2:00pm

    Event Location: 

    Sweetland School


    4 Church Street
    Hope, ME 04847
    United States