Obey speed limits, stop at the signs, buckle up, don’t text

Camden, Rockport police ramp up enforcement of traffic laws

Posted:  Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 7:45pm

As summer approaches and the number of vehicles using our streets in Camden and Rockport increases, we would like to urge motorists to use caution and obey all motor vehicle traffic laws. Common complaints such as speeding, failure to stop at stop signs, failure to use seatbelts and distracted driving on our streets and in our residential neighborhoods increase as these roads are used as by passes to avoid Route 1 traffic. 

In an effort to increase safety on our roads and in residential neighborhoods, the police departments in Camden and Rockport will be increasing our enforcement efforts of these violations with lower tolerance for violators. 

We urge motorists to pay close attention to their speeds, make full and complete stops at all stop signs, use your seat belts and never text or operate a motor vehicle in a distracted manner. Please remember that using residential streets as a bypass adds increased traffic on lower speed roads where children, pedestrians, bicyclists and animals are frequently present. 

Areas near Cross, Central, Free, Chestnut and Bayview streets in Camden; and Pascal, Russell, Simonton, Rockville, Park, Porter and South streets in Rockport, are exceedingly used more as bypass streets. Enforcement in these areas will be increased to dissuade violators.

We remind you to check your vehicle’s registration, inspection sticker and make sure you have access to a valid proof of insurance.

Never drink, use medication or drugs before driving! 

This is the friendly reminder. Should you find yourself in violation of these or any other laws the fines are very expensive. We’d rather have you keep your hard earned money. Thank you for your cooperation!


Randy Gagne is Camden and Rockport Police Chief