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Camden Hills wrestling finishes seventh, Belfast 17th at Spartan Invitational

Sun, 01/06/2019 - 11:30am

SANFORD — The Belfast and Camden Hills wrestling programs traveled to Sanford to participate in the Spartan Invitational on Friday, Jan. 4 and Saturday, Jan. 5. 

In team standings, Camden Hills finished seventh with 106 points and Belfast finished 17th with 39 points.

Other teams competing included Danbury (Connecticut), Timberlane (New Hampshire), Cumberland, Xavier (Connecticut), Marshwood, Wells, North Providence (Rhode Island), York, Massabesic, Sanford, Portland, Mountain Valley, Scarborough, Biddeford, Abbott Tech (Connecticut), Bonny Eagle, Noble, Sacopee Valley and Mount Saint Charles (Rhode Island). 

Individually for Camden Hills, Devin Hutchinson placed fourth, Noah Lang placed third, Eric Andrews placed fifth, Josh Saucier placed sixth, Dawson Allen placed fifth and Andrew Kelly placed sixth. 

Individually for Belfast, Timmy Smith placed fourth and Cam Watts placed sixth. 

106 pounds: Eric Andrews (Camden Hills) pinned Parker Bair (York), defeated Mikey Ducharme (Wells) by majority decision, lost to Kai O’Dell (Danbury), lost to Jake Defonce (Abbot Tech) and pinned Cody Bryant (North Providence). 

106 pounds: Zach Wallingford (Camden Hills) pinned by Kai O’Dell (Danbury), defeated Connor Fournier (Belfast) by majority decision and pinned by Caden Frost (Bonny Eagle). 

106 pounds: Connor Fournier (Belfast) pinned by Grant Carrier (Mountain Valley) and lost by majority decision to Zach Wallingford (Camden Hills). 

113 pounds: Devin Hutchinson (Camden Hills) pinned Robert Andrade (North Providence), defeated Danny Marquis (Wells), pinned by Nick Roeger (Timberlane), defeated Colin Loria (Xavier) and pinned by Johnny Cerquiera (Abbot Tech). 

113 pounds: Gabe Bruns (Belfast) pinned by Max Morrier (Timberlane) and Kyle Nickerson (Sanford). 

120 pounds: Josh Saucier (Camden Hills) pinned Jacob Scott (Wells), pinned by Jake Rousseau (Timberlane), pinned Rafael Barrionuevo (North Providence), pinned Anthony Napolitano (Portland), pinned by John Leavitt (Timberlane) and lost to Jake Rousseau (Timberlane). 

120 pounds: Timmy Smith (Belfast) pinned David Rankin (Bonny Eagle), pinned by Tyler Johnson (Danbury), defeated Ronan Moynihan (Xavier), defeated Matt Myles (Mountain Valley), pinned Jake Rousseau (Timberlane) and pinned by John Leavitt (Timberlane). 

126 pounds: Kristina Kelly (Camden Hills) pinned by Colby Frost (Bonny Eagle) and Travis Foster (Wells). 

132 pounds: Dawson Allen (Camden Hills) pinned Josh Pease (York), pinned Quintan Salisbury (Cumberland), lost by technical fall to Kyle Fields (Danbury), lost by majority decision to Aydin Rix-McElhinney (Marshwood) and pinned Quintan Salisbury (Cumberland). 

138 pounds: Ian Henderson (Camden Hills) pinned Aidan Turner (Mount Saint Charles), pinned by Josiah Garcia (Biddeford), pinned Liam Marshall (Scarborough) and lost by majority decision to Quinn Moynihan (Xavier). 

138 pounds: Jonah Lovejoy (Belfast) lost by technical fall to Quinn Moynihan (Xaiver), defeated Nolan Santos (Cumberland) and pinned by Hussin Al-Saadi (Portland). 

145 pounds: Isaac Hamm (Belfast) pinned by James Lunt (Xavier) and Dom Pallaria (Timberlane). 

145 pounds: Noah Lang (Camden Hills) pinned Cole Cadwallander (Noble), pinned Abdullah Abdullah (Portland), lost by majority decision to Aidan Faria (Cumberland) defeated Chris Matarese (North Providence) by majority decision and defeated Antonio Pallaria (Timerlane) by majority decision. 

152 pounds: Elijah Charbonnier (Belfast) pinned by Matthew Pooler (Massabesic) and Anthony Rousseau (Timberlane). 

152 pounds: Andrew Kelly (Camden Hills) pinned by David Kettelle (North Providence), pinned Levi Lambert (Noble), pinned Adam Marquis (Timberlane), defeated Devon Whitmore (Biddeford), pinned by Anthony Mazza (Mountain Valley) and lost to Elijah Holbook (Scarborough). 

160 pounds: Francesco Martin (Belfast) pinned by Noah Hernadez (Massabesic) and Joe Friel (Timberlane). 

170 pounds: Nathaniel Porter (Belfast) pinned by Henry Pharris (Camden Hills) and lost to Matt Brown (Mountain Valley). 

170 pounds: Henry Pharris (Camden Hills) pinned Nathaniel Porter (Belfast), pinned by Jesse Patton (Danbury), pinned Kyle Mazzei (North Providence) and pinned by Andrew Thomas (Bonny Eagle). 

182 pounds: Justin Secotte (Camden Hills) pinned by James Cline (Massabesic) and Nick Symmes (North Providence). 

182 pounds: Jason Norwood (Belfast) pinned Thomas Lunt (Xavier), pinned by Jonah Potter (Wells) and pinned by Will Orso (York). 

195 pounds: Brian White (Belfast) pinned Plus Olango (Biddeford), pinned by Morgan Welch-Thompson (Wells), defeated Tyler Paquin (Timberlane) and pinned by Nate Davis (York). 

195 pounds: Kai Sassa (Camden Hills) lost to Aaron Kazilionis (Scarborough), pinned Tiffani Stevens (Sanford) and pinned by Will Cullen (Xavier). 

220 pounds: Cam Watts pinned Austin Niles (York), pinned by Phil Coppolino (Cumberland), pinned Shea Clark (Noble), pinned Zac Lau (Biddeford), pinned by DJ Donovan (Danbury) and pinned by Austin Niles (York). 

220 pounds: Max Dingle (Camden Hills) pinned by Chris Lund (Timberlane) and lost by forfeit against Zac Lau (Biddeford). 

285 pounds: Ben MacWilliams (Camden Hills) pinned by Marcos Colon (Timberlane) and Dominic Roberts (Biddeford). 

285 pounds: Shane Rumney (Belfast) pinned by Addison Boisvert (Scarborough) and Jake Breton (Massabesic). 

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