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Camden Hills wrestling finishes second in Noble Invitational, Belfast places 10th

Sun, 12/30/2018 - 12:00pm

NORTH BERWICK — The Camden Hills and Belfast wrestling programs ended the calendar year by participating in the Noble Invitational, a two day event hosted by Noble High School in North Berwick. 

The event was held Friday, Dec. 28 and Saturday, Dec. 29 and also included wrestlers from Mount Ararat, Noble, Cony, Wells, Nokomis, Foxcroft Academy, Portland, Plymouth (New Hampshire), Bangor Christian, Spaudling (New Hampshire), Lisbon/Oak Hill, Mount Mansfield (Vermont), Windham/Gray-New Gloucester, Sanford, Westbrook/Gorham, John Bapst, Skowhegan, Ellsworth, Brooks (Massachusetts), Falmouth, Winnacunnet (New Hampshire), Bangor, Messalonskee and Oyster River (New Hampshire). 

By event’s end, Camden Hills secured second place with 169.5 points and Belfast finished 10th with 94 points. The event was won by Cony (170 points).  

Camden Hills wrestlers placing in the top six included Eric Andrews (second), Devin Hutchinson (fourth), Joshua Saucier (fifth), Dawson Allen (third), Ian Henderson (third), Noah Lang (first) and Drew Kelly (fourth). 

Belfast wrestlers placing in the top six included Patrick Curtis (fifth), Jason Norwood (sixth), Brian White (fourth) and Gage Newcomb (fourth). 

Below are the complete individual results for Belfast and Camden Hills wrestlers. 

106 pounds: Connor Fournier (Belfast) lost by technical fall to Adam Genereux (Sanford), pinned Emma Shaw (Skowhegan) and pinned by Zach Davis (Westbrook/Gorham). 

106 pounds: Eric Andrews (Camden Hills) pinned Kyle Harris (Nokomis), pinned Michael Ducharme (Wells), pinned Sawyer McCarty (Foxcroft) and pinned by Noah Dumas (Cony). 

113 pounds: Gabe Bruns (Belfast) pinned by Carter Dickinson (Spaulding) and Calvin Peck (Nokomis). 

113 pounds: Devin Hutchinson (Camden Hills) defeated Carter Dickinson (Spaudling), pinned by Luke Bliss (Mount Mansfield), pinned Calvin Peck (Nokomis) and pinned by Carter Dickinson (Spaudling).  

120 pounds: Timothy Smith (Belfast) pinned Jonathan Brown (Wells), pinned by Kelvin Griffin (Brooks), pinned Jacob Scott (Wells) and pinned by Enrico Ayala (Foxcroft). 

120 pounds: Joshua Saucier (Camden Hills) pinned Jyron Xaykosy (Sanford), pinned Anthony Napolitano (Portland), lost by majority decision to Landon St. Peter (John Bapst), pinned by Enrico Ayala (Foxcroft) and pinned Anthony Napolitano (Portland). 

126 pounds: Kristina Kelly (Camden Hills) pinned by Logan Bailey (Spaulding) and James Philbin (Plymouth). 

132 pounds: Dawson Allen (Camden Hills) pinned Aiden Orr (Noble), pinned Tucker McCann (Winnacunnet), pinned by Robert Davies (Skowhegan), defeated Aiden Orr (Noble) and pinned Dominic Pelletier (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester). 

132 pounds: Joah Thompson (Camden Hills) pinned Ayden Wiswell (Noble), pinned Aidan Laviolette (Lisbon/Oak Hill) and pinned by Gavin Poer (Noble). 

138 pounds: Oceana Pacholski-Procter (Belfast) pinned by Caden Kowalsky (Mount Ararat) and Ryan Peavey (Belfast). 

138 pounds: Ryan Peavey (Belfast) pinned by Caden Gibson (Wells), pinned Oceana Pacholski-Procter (Belfast), won by forfeit over Shamus Cole (Portland) and pinned by Ian Henderson (Camden Hills). 

138 pounds: Ian Henderson (Camden Hills) pinned Elise Riddell (Oyster River), pinned by Sam Martel (Noble), pinned Hunter Chase (Spaudling), pinned Ryan Peavey (Belfast), defeated Alex Rachkoskie (Noble) and pinned J.C. Gaumer (Plymouth). 

145 pounds: Noah Lang (Camden Hills) pinned Bane Slocum (Mount Ararat), Jack Callis (Sanford), Hussin Al-Saadi (Portland), Brett Raio (Mount Ararat) and pinned Duncan McGilvery (Noble). 

145 pounds: Jordana Duncan (Belfast) pinned by Duncan McGilvery (Noble) and Dante Felix (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester). 

152 pounds: Chris Fournier (Belfast) pinned by George Butts (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester), pinned Francesco Martin (Belfast), pinned Adam O’Farrell (Mount Ararat) and pinned by Patrick Curtis (Belfast). 

152 pounds: Isaac Ham (Belfast) pinned by Kyle Walker (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester), defeated Spencer Poulin (Wells) by majority decision and lost to Abdullah Abdullah (Portland). 

152 pounds: Drew Kelly (Camden Hills) defeated Kyle Walker (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester) by technical fall, pinned by Jakob Arbour (Cony), pinned Shane Lowell (Westbrook/Gorham), pinned George Butts (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester), pinned Hunter Lassard (Plymouth) and pinned by Jakob Arbour (Cony). 

152 pounds: Francesco Martin (Belfast) pinned by Ethan Penney (Sanford) and Chris Fournier (Belfast). 

152 pounds: Patrick Curtis (Belfast) pinned Spencer Poulin (Wells), lost by majority decision to Ben Laurence (Mount Ararat), pinned Chris Fournier (Belfast), pinned Logan Rendell (Noble), pinned by Jakob Arbour (Cony) and pinned Hunter Lassard (Plymouth).

160 pounds: Elijah Charbonnier (Belfast) pinned Austin Gil (Foxcroft), pinned by Quinton Richards (Nokomis) and pinned by Evan Cash (Wells)

170 pounds: Benjamin Nautel (Camden Hills) pinned by David Wilson (Nokomis) and Chris Urquhart (Bangor Christian). 

170 pounds: Nathaniel Porter (Belfast) pinned by Daniel Bolton (Lisbon/Oak Hill) and lost to Camryn Atwood (Skowhegan). 

182 pounds: Jason Norwood (Belfast) pinned Blake Ouellette (Noble), pinned by Isaac Plante (Sanford), pinned Matthew Durgin (Spaulding), pinned Nathan Borger (Plymouth), pinned by Jonah Potter (Wells), pinned by Riely Aromrosa (Mount Mansfield). 

182 pounds: Justin Secotte (Camden Hills) pinned Jack Melvin (Skowhegan), pinned by Jonah Potter (Wells) and lost to Blake Ouellette (Noble). 

195 pounds: Kai Sassa (Camden Hills) pinned by Gavin Hartford (Noble), won by forfeit against Michael Foster (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester) and pinned by Brian White (Belfast). 

195 pounds: Brian White (Belfast) pinned Tiffani Stevens (Sanford), pinned by Morgan Welch-Thompson (Wells), pinned Joshua Whittemore (Foxcroft), pinned Kai Sassa (Camden Hills), defeated Malcolm Gartland (Portland) and pinned by Brady Mitchell-Damms (Mount Ararat). 

220 pounds: Cameron Watts (Belfast) pinned by Sol Demers (Sanford), pinned Alex Beal (Mount Ararat) and pinned by Colton Perkins (Spaulding). 

220 pounds: Maxwell Dingle (Camden Hills) pinned by Aaron Foley-Pratt (Noble) and Garrett Allen (Windham/Gray-New Gloucester). 

285 pounds: Shane Rumeny (Belfast) pinned by Harald Degenhardt (Portland), pinned Travis Doucette (Messalonskee) and pinned by Benjamin MacWilliams (Camden Hills). 

285 pounds: Gage Newcomb (Belfast) pinned A.J. Haler (Mount Ararat), pinned Benjamin MacWilliams (Camden Hills), pinned by Mitchell Macfarland (Cony), pinned Brayden Doucette (Skowhegan) and pinned by Harald Degenhardt (Portland). 

285 pounds: Benjamin MacWilliams (Camden Hills) pinned Patrick Exel (Noble), pinned by Gage Newcomb (Belfast), pinned by Mitchell Macfarland (Cony), pinned Shane Rumney (Belfast) and lost to Matthew Reno (Westbrook/Gorham). 

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