Oceanside, Mount View, Belfast also competed

Camden Hills, Medomak Valley win KVAC wrestling crowns; Richards, Elias earn individual accolades

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 4:15pm

AUGUSTA — Five local wrestling programs hit the road Saturday, Feb. 2 to Cony High School in Augusta to compete in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championship. 

Additionally, two local members of the wrestling community were awarded accolades for their success during the season.

In Class B, Hamilton Richards of Mount View received the conference’s Coach of the Year award, while Elias Miller of Medomak Valley was named the conference’s Most Outstanding Wrestler. 

Local Team Scores
Camden Hills — First in Class A — 178 points
Medomak Valley — First in Class B — 138 points
Belfast — Second in Class B — 65 points
Mount View — Third in Class B — 56 points
Oceanside — Seventh in Class B — 14 points

Individual Placing Wrestlers
Eric Andrews — Camden Hills — First
Devin Hutcheson — Camden Hills — Third
Gavin Readinger — Medomak Valley — Fourth
Joshua Sauicer — Camden Hills — Second
Marshall Sawyer — Medomak Valley — Second
Dawson Allen — Camden Hills — First
Ian Henderson — Camden Hills — First
Zachary Ward — Mount View — Fourth
Noah Lang — Camden Hills — First
Mark Ward — Mount View — First
Alex Fogarty — Oceanside — Fourth
Elias Miller — Medomak Valley — First
Elijah Charbonnier — Belfast — Fourth
Amos Hinkley — Medomak Valley — Second
Henry Pharris — Camden Hills — Third
Tyler Cox — Medomak Valley — Fourth
Brian White — Belfast — First
Cameron Watts — Belfast — Third
Erik Benner — Medomak Valley — First

106 pounds: Joshua Smalley (Oceanside) pinned by Noah Dumas (Cony) and lost to Chase Nicolino (Morse). 

106 pounds: Connor Fournier (Belfast) pinned by Jake Emond (Erskine), pinned Emma Shaw (Skowhegan), defeated Kyle Harris (Nokomis) by majority decision and pinned by Cesar Montelongo (Oxford Hills). 

106 pounds: Eric Andrews (Camden Hills) pinned Kyle Harris (Nokomis), pinned Jake Emond (Erskine) and defeated Noah Dumas (Cony) by majority decision. 

113 pounds: Davin Barnard (Mount View) pinned by Brycen Kowalsky (Mount Ararat), defeated Nathan Lefebre (Cony) by technical fall and pinned by Gavin Readinger (Medomak Valley). 

113 pounds: Gavin Readinger (Medomak Valley) pinned by Devin Hutcheson (Camden Hills), pinned Gabe Bruns (Belfast), pinned Davin Barnard (Mount View), won by forfeit against Jagger Bullen (Mount Blue) and pinned by Devin Hutcheson (Camden Hills). 

113 pounds: Devin Hutcheson (Camden Hills) pinned Gavin Readinger (Medomak Valley), pinned by Brycen Kowalsky (Mount Ararat), pinned Malik Keresy (Maine Central Institute) and pinned Gavin Readinger (Medomak Valley). 

113 pounds: Gabe Bruns (Belfast) pinned by Malik Keresey (Maine Central Institute) and pinned by Gavin Readinger (Medomak Valley). 

120 pounds: Hailey Wood (Mount View) pinned by Nate Farrar (Erskine), pinned Caio Crawford (Lincoln) and lost to Hunter Nile (Mount Blue). 

120 pounds: Joshua Saucier (Camden Hills) pinned Alayna Alton (Skowhegan), pinned Evan Grady (Gardiner), pinned Jonathan Lujan (Messalonskee) and pinned by Tyler Preble (Nokomis). 

126 pounds: Morgan Fonger (Mount View) pinned by Momo Alibrahim (Cony) and pinned by Rachel Tuck (Skowhegan). 

126 pounds: Kristina Kelly (Camden Hills) pinned by Marshall Sawyer (Medomak Valley) and lost by majority decision to Tucker Gallagher (Mount Blue). 

126 pounds: Marshall Sawyer (Medomak Valley) pinned Jozie Smith (Oxford Hills), pinned Kristina Kelly (Camden Hills), defeated Momo Alibrahim (Cony) by majority decision and pinned by Caleb Carrell (Nokomis). 

132 pounds: Brady Carter (Medomak Valley) pinned by Jaden David (Oxford Hills), pinned Jiles Morton (Lincoln), defeated Emma Fonger (Mount View) and lost to Robert Davies (Skowhegan). 

132 pounds: Emma Fonger (Mount View) pinned by Dawson Allen (Camden Hills), pinned Logan Rice (Morse) and lost to Brady Carter (Medomak Valley). 

132 pounds: Dawson Allen (Camden Hills) pinned Emma Fonger (Mount View), defeated Jaden David (Oxford Hills) and defeated Spencer LeClair (Mount Ararat). 

138 pounds: Zachary Ward (Mount View) defeated Riley Smith (Oxford Hills) by technical fall, pinned Ben Brewer (Morse), pinned Jonny Hanson (Cony) and lost to Cole Steeves (Maine Central Institute). 

138 pounds: Jonah Lovejoy (Belfast) pinned Jay Austin (Erskine), pinned by Cole Steeves (Maine Central Institute), defeated Riley Smith (Oxford Hills) by technical fall and pinned by Jonny Hanson (Cony). 

138 pounds: Colby Hyde (Medomak Valley) pinned by Ian Henderson (Camden Hills) and pinned by Jonny Hanson (Cony). 

138 pounds: Ian Henderson (Camden Hills) pinned Corbin Drake (Lincoln), pinned Colby Hyde (Medomak Valley), defeated Cole Steeves (Maine Central Institute) and defeated Caden Kowalsky (Mount Ararat). 

145 pounds: Noah Lang (Camden Hills) pinned Zech Hesseltine (Medomak Valley), pinned Kyle Graffam (Mount Ararat) and pinned Hayden Nile (Mount Blue). 

145 pounds: Zech Hesseltine (Medomak Valley) defeated Madeline Tardiff (Nokomis), pinned by Noah Lang (Camden Hills), pinned Bao Le (Lincoln), pinned Chris Fournier (Belfast) and Mason Savary (Morse). 

145 pounds: Chris Fournier (Belfast) pinned by Kyle Graffam (Mount Ararat) and pinned by Zech Hesseltine (Medomak Valley). 

152 pounds: Mark Ward (Mount View) pinned Riley Landry (Winslkow), pinned Francesco Martin (Belfast), defeated Dillon Worster (Oxford Hills) by majority decision and defeated Ben Laurence (Mount Ararat). 

152 pounds: Francesco Martin (Belfast) pinned by Mark Ward (Mount View) and pinned by Jack Komilov (Morse). 

152 pounds: Nikita Perevalov (Camden Hills) pinned Jack Komilov (Morse), pinned Alex Fogarty (Oceanside), pinned Riley Landry (Winslow) and pinned by Jakob Arbour (Cony). 

152 pounds: Alex Fogarty (Oceanside) pinned Tobias Seidel (Lincoln), pinned Nikita Perevalov (Camden Hills), lost by majority decision to Ben Laurence (Mount Ararat), defeated William Bourque (Erskine) by majority decision and lost by majority decision to Dillon Worster (Oxford Hills). 

160 pounds: Elias Miller (Medomak Valley) pinned Aiden Larrabee (Erskine), pinned Tucker Nicholas (Mount Blue) and pinned Cody Holman (Mount Ararat). 

160 pounds: Elijah Charbonnier (Belfast) pinned Dakota Andow (Cony), pinned by Tucker Nicholas (Mount Blue), defeated Aiden Larrabee (Erskine), won by forfeit against Drew Kelly (Camden Hills) and pinned by Tucker Nicholas (Mount Blue). 

160 pounds: Drew Kelly (Camden Hills) pinned Frankie Wells (Oxford Hills) and lost by forfeit to Elijah Charbonnier (Belfast). 

170 pounds: Henry Pharris (Camden Hills) pinned Haden Riley (Oxford Hills), pinned Ely Yang (Winslow), lost to Amos Hinkley (Medomak Valley), pinned Lucas Steinberger (Lincoln) and defeated Ely Yang (Winslow). 

170 pounds: Nathaniel Porter (Belfast) pinned by Amos Hinkley (Medomak Valley) and pinned by Ely Yang (Winslow). 

170 pounds: Amos Hinkley (Medomak Valley) pinned Nathaniel Porter (Belfast), defeated Henry Pharris (Camden Hills) and defeated Mason Hultman (Mount Ararat) by majority decision. 

182 pounds: Justin Secotte (Camden Hills) pinned Noah Ward-Ruben (Mount Blue), pinned Lucas Kelsey (Lincoln) and pinned by Tyler Cox (Medomak Valley). 

182 pounds: Tyler Cox (Medomak Valley) pinned Austin Campbellton (Erskine), pinned by Ihsan Myers (Morse), pinned Justin Secotte (Camden Hills) and lost to Aaron Lettre (Cony). 

195 pounds: Kaleb Blackwell (Oceanside) pinned by Isaak Peavey (Erskine) and lost to Dakota Melvin (Skowhegan). 

195 pounds: Brian White (Belfast) pinned Kai Sassa (Camden Hills), defeated Dakota Melvin (Skowhegan), defeated Isaak Peavey (Erskine) by technical fall and defeated Brady Mitchell-Damms (Mount Ararat) by majority decision. 

195 pounds: Kai Sassa (Camden Hills) pinned by Brian White (Belfast) and pinned by Travis May (Oxford Hills). 

195 pounds: Elijah Lash (Medomak Valley) pinned by Brady Mitchell-Damms (Mount Ararat), pinned Calvin Gould (Nokomis), pinned Travis May (Oxford Hills), pinned Isaak Peavey (Erskine) and lost by majority decision to Dakota Melvin (Skowhegan). 

220 pounds: Cameron Watts (Belfast) pinned Karl Shumaker (Morse), pinned by James Boyd (Nokomis), defeated Dawson Wells (Cony) and pinned Karl Shumaker (Morse). 

220 pounds: Maxwell Dingle (Camden Hills) pinned by Jeffrey Worster (Oxford Hills), pinned Nicholas Popp (Lincoln) and pinned by Dawson Wells (Cony). 

285 pounds: Erik Benner (Medomak Valley) pinned Trevor Reid (Oxford Hills), pinned Hunter Gleason (Mount Blue), pinned Mitchell Macfarland (Cony) and pinned Anthony Sanborn (Erskine). 

285 pounds: Nathaniel Fuller (Mount View) pinned by Mitchell Macfarland (Cony), pinned Hayden Thompson (Morse), pinned Ben MacWilliams (Camden Hills) and lost to Alex Demers (Winslow). 

285 pounds: Ben MacWilliams (Camden Hills) pinned by Brayden Doucette (Skowhegan), pinned Shane Rumeny (Belfast), defeated Hunter Gleason (Mount Blue) and pinned by Nathaniel Fuller (Mount View). 

285 pounds: Shane Rumney (Belfast) pinned by Anthony Sanborn (Erksine) and pinned by Ben MacWilliams (Camden Hills). 

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