Midcoast Athletics

Busline Basketball opens regular season

Posted:  Monday, November 27, 2017 - 6:00pm

The Midcoast sports scene was busy with several sporting events on Monday, Nov. 27. 

Below are the scores and stats for those contests that were reported to our sports department. 

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7th Grade Girls Basketball: Oceanside 53, Medomak 29
(Courtesy Andrea Williamson) 

It started off a little rough for MMS as Oceanside was able to score 20 points in the first quarter and MMS only bucketed two. MMS battled back in the second and scored 10 points to Oceanside’s four points. At the half, Oceanside held a 24-12 advantage.

MMS came out in the third and was only able to put in six points, while Oceanside scored 20 again. MMS did not give up and they battled in the four and scored 11 more points compared to Oceanside’s nine points. 

Great defense was played by Ana Underhill and Emily Prock.

Scoring for Medomak:
Ana Underhill 4 points
Skylah Ward 1 point
Chelsea Sykes 5 points
Addison McCormick 9 points
Emily Prock 2 points
Madison Greenrose 2 points
Madi Simmons 4 points
Morgan Lee 2 points

Scoring for Oceanside:
S. Hansen 2 points
M. Smith 2 points
Audrey Mackie 22 points
Bella Stasulis 11 points
G. Van Buskirk 2 points
Abby Waterman 12 points
R. Wellman 2 points

8th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 51, Oceanside 33
(Courtesy Micah Williamson) 

Scoring for Medomak:
Noah Ludwig 2 points
Isaak Hynd 6 points
Trevor Brown 18 points
Garrett Hutchins 1 point
Jack Bickmore 24 points

Scoring for Oceanside
Brady Wadsworth 2 points
Mike Sawyer 2 points
Duncan Oakes-Nelson 2 points
Mason Curtis 2 points
Connor Calderwood 2 points
Hunter Norton 5 points
Cody Carbello 3 points
Bohdi Ames 5 points

7th Grade Boys Basketball: Oceanside 38, Medomak 25
(Courtesy Pat Delahanty and Ricky Jones) 

The Medomak Middle School seventh grade boys dropped their home opener to Oceanside on Monday afternoon with a 38-25 defeat.

Medomak started slow in the first half tallying only seven points while Oceanside scored 21, the Riverhawks fought back in the second half outscoring Oceanside however the first half margin was too significant to overcome with a 38-25 final score.

Scoring for Medomak: 
Kevin Sincyr 6 points
Matthew Holbrook 4 points
Will Cheeseman 4 points
Blake Morrison 3 points
Isaac Simmons 3 points
Wyatt Simmons 2 points
Ivan Murphy 2 points
Tucker Holgerson 1 point

Scoring for Oceanside: 
Isaiah Meklin 11 points
Alex Collins 10 points
Hayden Jacques 5 points
Alex Bartlett 5 points
Andrew Gehouskey 4 points
Jason Leclerc 2 points
Rhys Jones 2 points