‘I want my efforts in protecting the environment to have real-world impacts’

Baltimore man hired as new Mid-Coast Solid Waste manager

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 3:45pm

ROCKPORT — The Mid-Coast Solid Waste Board of Directors has announced as of July 8 they have contracted a new manager to oversee operations at Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation located at 90 Union Street, Rockport, Maine.

The three year contract period commences no later than August 26, 2019 and expires on August 25, 2022, was offered following a meeting held July 5 after the Board moved to hire Tokunboh-Baridi Nkokheli, currently of Baltimore, Maryland, with a starting annual salary of $75,000.

The manager search was undertaken by the MCSWC Personnel Committee and employee representatives who selected several candidates to put forth to the Board of Directors for review, according to a press release.

Many of the Board of Director Representatives took part in the interview process and activities which allowed them several opportunities to interact with the candidate, the release noted.

The Personnel Committee, Executive Committee Representatives and Employee Representatives included:

• David Barrows, Representative and Chair

• Owen Casas, Board Representative

• Alison McKellar, Board Representative

• Samantha Mank, Town Manager of Hope, Executive Committee

• Audra Caler-Bell, Town Manager of Camden, Executive Committee

• Jodi Hanson, Finance Director of Camden

• Beth Kwiatkowski, MCSWC Employee

• Gary Leighton, MCSWC Employee

Nkokheli has obtained many certifications through professional and government agencies and is a Certified Solid Waste Manager through the Texas A&M University Extension; in addition to obtaining a Recycling Manager Certification through the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA).

Nkokheli notes that his career in the advancement of solid waste management began in the city of Houston, Texas and over time included working in solid waste management and public works administration within five municipalities in four states over a 30 year span.

The Board of Directors recognized that he is an accomplished individual offering many years of successful experience encompassing all aspects of municipal solid waste management including the areas of landfills, trucking fleets, municipal solid waste collection and recyclable material operations, according to the release. 

Nkokheli describes his working career as follows, according to the release: “I am committed to the advancement of solid waste management technology and have focused my energy on effective service delivery programs and  management/operations oversight. I am successful at establishing professional rapport with the private business community, town officials, community leaders and civil-service/unionized municipal employees. I want my efforts in protecting the environment to have real-world impacts.”

Nkokheli will move to the area in August and looks forward, according to the release, to working with the Board of Directors and employees of the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation, and the four town communities of Camden, Hope, Lincolnville and Rockport that are served by the facility. He is very excited to move to Maine in general.

The mission of the Mid-Coast Solid Waste Corporation stated here, will be supported by the new manager.


Facility Mission Statement

1. The safety of the public and the employees is our foremost concern.

2. Facility employees will abide by and enforce all Municipal, State, and Corporation Ordinances and Regulations governing the operation of the Facility and the disposal of solid waste.

3. The Facility’s goal is to be the long term, local controlled solid waste disposal solution for Camden, Rockport, Lincolnville, and Hope. Facility employees operate the Facility in a cost effective and environmentally sound manner consistent with that goal.