Letter to the editor: Alice and William Dashiell

Appreciation for the Thomaston Public Library

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 11:00am

The Thomaston Library staff and volunteers provide amazing service to their patrons with smiles, competence, and eagerness. They quickly interrupt their various tasks to give you full attention as they provide outstanding assistance. Residents of Thomaston (and others with Thomaston Library cards) are so very fortunate to have access to the best library ever!

Their services include book, video, periodicals, and other recommendations which reflect their knowledge of patrons’ preferences; children’s programs known far and wide for their excellence; online services to supplement the collection's resources; monthly family movie and pizza nights and Friday night movies; book discussion groups; knitting sessions; an extensive used bookshop; speaker/author events; monthly teas which benefit local food pantries; and many other ways that the library is truly the Community Living Room.

Alice & William Dashiell