UPDATED: Agenda set for SAD 28 board meeting May 18

Sun, 05/15/2022 - 3:45pm

CAMDEN — The agenda has been set for the next SAD 28 school board meeting Wednesday, May 18.

The meeting will be held in the Rose Hall Board Room at Camden-Rockport Middle School at 7 p.m.

A livestream will be available here: fivetowns.net/live


1. Call to Order

2. Adjustments to the Agenda

3. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda

4. Recognition
a. CRMS – 2022 American Institute of Architects Maine Design Award – Citation for Excellence in Architecture

5. Minutes
a. Approval of the April 13, 2022 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

6. Nominations (Note: Executive Session Possible for Nominations - 1 M.R.S. § 405(6)(A))
a. Teacher Nominations for 2022-23
i. Danica Carpenter, Kindergarten, B7, $55,014
ii. Alison Babb-Brott, 1st Grade, M6, $57,378
iii. Sophia Payson-Rand, Special Education Social Worker, M20, $82,114.
iv. Hannah Luken, CRES School Psychologist, $76,000

7. Notification of Resignations
a. Anne Brady, CRES, Music

8. Approval to Grant Superintendent the Authority to Issue Contracts to New Hires over the Summer, Effective Immediately.

9. Brown Tail Moth Management – Shane Hendrick, TreeWorks

10. Board Chair’s Report
a. Superintendent Evaluation – Special Joint Board Meeting May 25, 2022
b. Summer Board Retreat

11. Superintendent’s Report

12. Administrative Reports
a. Deb McIntyre, Assistant Superintendent
b. Jaime Stone, CRMS Principal
c. Chris Walker-Spencer, CRES Principal
d. Valerie Mattes, Director of Student Special Services

13. Standing Committee Reports

a. Finance – Met April 13, 2022, minutes attached. Meets prior to Board Meeting on May 18.
i. FY21 Audit
ii. FY22 Financial Update

b. Joint Personnel – Next Meeting May 26

c. Joint Policy – Next Meeting May 24
Second Reading
DF – Special Funds Investment and Spending
GDB – Benefits for Non-Association Staff
IIB – Class Size
IJOC – School Volunteers
IKB – Independent Work outside of Class (Assignments)
JFA – Student’s Eligibility to Attend Camden Rockport Schools
JKB – Detaining Students
JKE – Expulsion of Students
JKE-R – Expulsion of Students Guidelines
KBF – Title I – Parent Involvement
KBF-E2 – Title I Parent Involvement Policy

d. Joint Curriculum – Has not met.

14. Ad Hoc Committee Reports
a. Joint Communications – Next Meeting May 17

15. School Advisory Committee Reports
a. DEI Task Force – Met May 9

16. Future Agenda Items

17. Adjourn