Agenda set for Five Town CSD board meeting Dec. 1

Sun, 11/28/2021 - 4:45pm

ROCKPORT — The agenda for the next Five Town CSD school board meeting has been set.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 7 p.m. in the Bisbee Theater at Camden-Rockport Middle School. 

Meeting livestream:


1. Call to Order

2. Adjustments to the Agenda

3. Public Comment on Items not on the Agenda

4. Recognition
a. Community Service Award – Allie Morse
b. HOBY Leadership Award – Amelia Johnson
c. MPA Principal’s Award – Sam Brownawell
d. CHRHS Principal’s Award – Adrian Pierce
e. Maine Youth Leadership Award – George Bickham
f. Prudential Award – Oliver Worner

5. Minutes
a. Approval of the November 3 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

6. Nominations (Note: Executive Sessions Possible for Nominations)
a. Stipend Nominations
Position Employee Points Bonus Amount
Skiing – Alpine Michele Metzler 55 0% $4,358.20
Swim Team Varsity Mark McCluskey 43 0% $3,328.08
Wrestling, Assistant Taylor Crosby 40 10% $3,486.56

7. Notification of Resignations
a. Harry Read, PE/Health, effective June 30, 2022

8. Minor 2021-22 School Calendar Adjustment

9. Request for Student Travel Approval
a. Germany – Intercultural Program Trip, Summer 2023

10. Athletic Update – Jeff Hart
a. Fall Sports Roundup

11. Hatchery Update – Danny Salomon

12. 2022-23 Status Quo Budget and Target – Maria Libby

13. Revisit Indoor Sports and Performing Arts Guidelines – Maria Libby

14. Board Chair’s Report – Becky Flanagan

15. Superintendent’s Report – Maria Libby

16. Student Representatives’ Report

17. Administrative Reports
a. Deb McIntyre, Assistant Superintendent
b. Shawn Carlson, CHRHS Principal
c. Valerie Mattes, Director of Student Special Services

18. Standing Committee Reports

a. Finance – Met November 3
i. Finance Update – Finance Committee Chair

b. Joint Policy – Next meeting December 13
Second Reads
ACAF – Workplace Bullying
GBO – Family Care Leave
GBO-R – Maine Family Medical Leave Administrative Procedure
IHBAC – Child Find
IHBAL – Grievance Procedures for Persons with Disabilities
JKAA – Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
JKAA-R – Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion
KDA – Public Information Program

c. Joint Personnel – Met November 9
New Job Description: Human Resources Assistant

d. Joint Curriculum – Met November 22

i. Possible Textbook Approvals
• Laramie Project: Ten Years Later, by Moises Kaufman, Course: English 10, Teacher Requesting, Trevor Paul – Cost $15/text.

ii. Possible New Course Approvals
• Anatomy and Physiology: This course is a Science Elective.
• Drawing and Painting Level 2: This course is a Visual and Performing Arts Elective.
• World Art and Culture: This course is a Visual and Performing Arts Elective.
• Theatre for Social Change: This course is a Visual and Performing Arts Elective.
• AP Psychology: This course is a Social Studies Elective.
• Computer Science Principles 1: This is an Applied Academics Elective.
• Computer Science Principles 2: This is an Applied Academics Elective.
• Robotics: This is an Applied Academics Elective.
• Sustainability in Action (Placeholder Name): This is a Science Elective.
• Honors Integrated Humanities II: This is an English and History Elective.

19. Ad Hoc Committee Reports
a. Joint Communications – Met November 16. Next Meeting December 21.
b. Facilities – Met November 18, 2021, minutes attached. Next Meeting December 16.

20. Board Advisory Committee Reports
a. MCST – Marcus Mrowka

21. School Advisory Committee Reports
a. DEI Task Force – Met November 29

22. Future Agenda Items

23. Adjourn