Penobscot Language School


Founded in 1986 as a non-profit language school and center for international exchange, Penobscot School is a unique community international school with a focus on increasing students’ knowledge of cultures other than their own.  The school has three primary facets: weekly classes in language learning, a three-week English Immersion program, and cultural events.

From its founding to the present, the school has served more than 6,000 Maine residents in foreign language courses as well as approximately 525 English Immersion students from more than forty countries.  You are invited to participate in courses, cultural events and in our English Immersion Program.  Just call or email: or 594-1084; 1-855-344-0414 (toll-free).


  • Phone: 
    (207) 594-1084
    Toll Free: 
    (855) 344-0414
    28 Gay Street
    Rockland  Maine  04841

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