Lindquist, Peter for Camden Select Board

Lindquist, Peter for Camden Select Board July 14, 2020 ​​ 207-446-1751

I offer you a reminder​ that we will all be asked or encouraged to volunteer in some fashion. For over ten years, I’ve volunteered for the town of Camden, PenBay Hospital and local museums. Born in Maine, lived in Camden for over 15 years on Mill Street & now Chestnut Street. Even though there is a stipend for serving on the Select Board, the countless hours required to listen & respond make it a true commitment. To the current Select Board members: ​thank you!

I’m an active member of West Bay Rotary and helped start a Rotary Satellite club that meets in the evenings, better suited for working people. Rotary’s motto is “Service above Self” & over the last 2 years,​ I’ve been reminded ​that working with diverse groups in order to accomplish goals is akin to serving on the Camden Select Board.

A reminder​: even though we may look all one color, we are a diverse and multicultural community. One only has to go to any of our schools or healthcare facilities & you’ll see all sorts of talented, diverse students, teachers AND docs & nurses from around the world, helping us live better together. realistic viewpoints, when seeking solutions to town issues.

I was reminded how fortunate we are​ to have amazing schools in our region, especially the new Middle School on Knowlton Street! Let’s celebrate this accomplishment!! I will be a major supporter of the Hatchery Conference in Camden, now rescheduled to 2021!! ​I view the innovative leadership of our regional school districts as the right skills at the right time. Those schools shape our future.

I’ve ridden my bike hundreds of miles around Maine and I’m close to 65 years old​, I am reminded ​that our police force used to ride bicycles on patrol around our towns. Why not try that again?

During this pandemic, ​we are reminded to look out for one another, ​considering the COVID-19 virus does NOT abide by political party or agenda. We need to pay attention to our medical professionals. Most every town in Maine will find the second half of 2020 and 2021 financially challenged. We will need to be creative problem-solvers going forward.

● Use the ​Comprehensive Plan​ that was approved by the Camden Select Board & voters in 2017. This plan represents a vision for our community. If you need a copy, please let me know!

Retain ownership of Tannery Park​, stabilize the surface, then use community resources (money & talent) to build a pavilion for winter skating.

● Let’s make sure two things happen over the next 3 years: ​high speed internet ​to assist our businesses that need it AND ​Solar Farm​ out at Sagamore Farm, as we consider affordable housing.

Invite regional resources​, such as The New England Ocean Cluster to explore possible sea level rise solutions, with our town leaders, students, elders and property owners.

● Repair the dams on Megunticook River only as need requires. Disturb sediments as little as possible.

Encourage town employees to develop items in department budgets where we can do more with less.

● Coordinate w/ regional Knox County professionals to teach,​ “Hands Only CPR”​, almost as effective as conventional CPR to help save a life when a cardiac event is encountered.

● Enroll Camden in a ​Safety & Health for Public Employees​ (SHAPE) program. It will cost money, but it will reduce insurance premiums after the program is completed, just like Rockport learned.