Kathrin Seitz

Inspire . . .

      Illuminate . . .

             Invigorate . . .

I am a writer, producer and professional coach who spent 30 years as a creative executive in the publishing, television and film industries, in LA and NYC. As a coach, I work with private clients around the country and conduct Method Writing workshops in Midcoast Maine, New York City, and Florida. My writings have been published in Evergreen Review, Lear's Magazine, Onthebus, Method Mad (a magazine I created with my students), The Herald Gazette and Maine Home+Design.

I have worked as an editor in publishing and as Creative Executive and Vice President at television networks, film studios, cable networks and toy companies. I developed books, film and TV projects, oversaw production, and worked with writers of all genres.

My students benefit from my years of experience. This is perhaps the most gratifying work I have done in my life, and it only gets better with each new client. As much as I teach my students, they teach me. As a writer, I see my work improve every day because of my connection to them.

In the last thirty years, I have been on a spiritual journey. I have studied all the world's great religions and practiced Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism. Inevitably these studies and practice have an effect upon my own teaching and coaching. My spiritual journey is my life's path and it is my intention to live as a spiritual person in the material world, whether in a large multi-national corporation or in a small group of writers. I bring that intention to every encounter I have with a client.


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