Eric’s Barber Shop

Our Shop

Our shop was established in 1964 when Eric Marsh took ownership of an old salon and revived its barbershop spirit once again. 

First there was a barbershop, and then a salon, and now our shop. For nearly 100 years now there has been haircutting on the corner of Mechanic and Washington St.! We are excited to carry on the tradition of cutting hair here. 

Eric retired from barbering in 2019, after over 50 years as a barber he had become one of the finest and most reliable barbers in Midcoast Maine.  He’s now handed over the honor of serving Camden to the next generation of barbers. Eric still manages the shop, and if your lucky, you may get to chat with him when he stops in to give the younger barbers a hard time!

So come on by and take part in a long time Camden tradition of getting a fresh new cut at Eric’s Barbershop!

Call or Text for an Appointment:

Zac 207 322-2962

Tanya 207 975-3078