Episcopal Church of St. Johns Baptist

All are welcome here.

This is a both a place of worship and a community of people seeking God’s love. We are not here to question your reason for being here, but to welcome you. 

We are a liturgical church and if you are unfamiliar with our rituals please be patient with us, you are welcome to join in at any level you feel comfortable with and to simply observe when you feel unsure. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We welcome you regardless of your background, history, race, gender, age or anything other aspect of life that sometimes separates people, even if you are from “away.”  You are welcome here even if you don’t believe in God, but are curious about us religious folk.  You are welcome to be here even if you know you are a sinner (because all of us here are) and think that God could not possibly love you (because we want you to know that God does love you).

You are welcome as often as you would like to come, even if you do not wish to become a member.  Of course, we would welcome you as a member.

Children are welcome in our worship as well as people who want to simply have a quiet time alone with God.  We do have a nursery worker for young children during the 10 am service. But if possible we hope that our children can be with us and watch us and others in the experience of worship. It is also a way in which we as a community, can watch people grow over the years, support them in their activities, and hold them closely  in our prayers.

We do not advocate any one political stand in the community, but rather support those of all opinions in their commitment and service to the larger community, encouraging all sides as they come together in prayer and communion.  We are not a gathering of people in agreement, but rather a collective of different perspectives coming together to pray, serve and experience God’s love.

We work with other churches in any and all ways possible to serve the communities in which we live.  We encourage all members to be involved in whatever way they can for both the betterment of the church but also for our community.  A list of some of the activities we are involved in can be found on the bulletin board downstairs.  As a community, we support the local food pantry, shelter, and many other agencies in our community.

The Episcopal Church in Maine. We are a community of 17,000 ministers of the Gospel in 67 congregations across the state.  In the United States we are part of a community of 2.5 million members in 110 dioceses in the Americas and other jurisdictions. Established 1789. In the world we are a member of a global community of 75 million Anglicans in 38 member provinces. ​