“Your Skin is Beautiful”

Posted:  Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 8:45am

Twice recently I’ve been told “Your skin is beautiful.”  I always laugh and say “Well I am in the skincare business.”  My routine is so simple and I don’t use a lot of products.  I moisturize day and night with a rich face creme- Calendula Night Creme.  At night I oil cleanse my face with our Sweet Island Face Oil.  Once a week or whenever I have a super stressful day I gently exfoliate with our Seaweed n’ Roses Scrub.  That’s it!  Of course I use Dulse & Rugosa  products but there are many quality skincare products around.  It’s important to read the ingredients and don’t buy a product that has a lot of water.  Drink your water instead.

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