When is it time to hire a financial advisor?

Mon, 10/18/2021 - 7:00am
You may be wondering when or if there is a right time to hire a financial advisor. The simple answer is when you think an advisor can add more value than what you can achieve on your own. 
Here are some common situations that lead families to reach out to a financial advisor for help: 
  • It's time to get serious about retirement and you are not sure if you are on track for a comfortable retirement. 
  • You have a variety of accounts (pre-tax, tax exempt, or taxable) and are not sure which accounts are the most tax advantageous to fund or which ones you should withdraw from in retirement first. And while you are thinking about it, should your investments be the same in each account or different? 
  • You recently received an inheritance, maybe a house or investments, and you want to make sure you make the most prudent use of these assets. 
  • You are a small business owner and sense that you could be taking advantage of more tax advantageous opportunities. 
  • You had a major life change like a divorce or death of a spouse and are concerned about your financial life as a single person. 
  • You don't really care for all things finance related. You would rather spend your free time on your interests. 
  • You actually love keeping up on financial planning topics and investment management, but the more you learn the more you question whether it would be beneficial to have a second opinion on your strategy. 
  • You are burying your head in the sand. Sometimes we all want to look away from something we know we need to address to make our lives better. 


If you are wondering if you could benefit from financial planning and investment management, please schedule a 15-minute phone call to talk about your financial situation. You can also read my blog to learn more. 

Brie Pio, MBA, CFP®
Principal, Birch Point Wealth Management LLC