West Bay Rotary Scholarships

Thu, 06/24/2021 - 9:15am

At the recent Awards Night of Camden Hills Regional High School, West Bay Rotary of Camden granted a scholarship to current year CHRHS graduate Alexis Heidorn.  Ms. Heidorn will be attending the University of Vermont this fall.

West Bay Rotary also awarded scholarships to CHRHS post-graduates Jenna Taylor who attends the University of Delaware, majoring in mechanical engineering, and Tysen DeWaard who attends Northeastern University, majoring in pre-med/biology.

Additionally, West Bay Rotary awarded 11 scholarships to CHRHS current year graduates and post-graduates from two private trusts.  West Bay Rotary administers the scholarship selection process for the two trusts on behalf of CHRHS. 

For more information about West Bay Rotary, please visit our website at westbayrotaryofmaine.org.