We Teach Organization & Study Skills

Mon, 06/15/2020 - 10:45am

Online Learning Coaches, in conjunction with The Study Hall, will be offering an Organization and Study Skills program this summer to students of all ages. The program will be individualized based on age and need.  Organization, setting up a proper system, will be the main focus followed by implementing study skills. This program will be taught remotely by learning coach, Audrey Dennis.

Audrey was a middle school and high school Special Education Teacher for 6 years, in both Maine and Maryland. She taught and co-taught a variety of levels of mathematics and English, as well as other subjects, in small and large group settings. As a special education teacher, she was also responsible for assisting in the creation and implementation of individualized education plans. Organization and study skills are the key to being a successful student, Audrey believes in teaching these skills to students whether they attend a brick and mortar school or are involved in online learning.

Below is an outline of what the program will look like. Students will meet with Audrey for hour long sessions once or twice a week during the summer months. Schedules are flexible based on availability. For more information email office@onlinelearningcoaches.com or call (207) 318-0131.


  • Have a questionnaire - Where do you study? How do you study? When do you do homework? What do you do if you don’t understand the work? Where do you put your work when you finish class?
  • Create a mock notebook for a class.
  • Create folders for classes on google drive.
  • Write a simple paper start to finish to show process, neatness, and the organization of it.
  • Do math problems together to show how neat they should be.
  • Create agenda or calendars together: Look at a mock syllabus and add to daily, weekly and monthly calendars.



  • Assignment book, weekly calendar. Checklists and to-do lists. Include social engagements.
  • Less is more but don’t forget to include things outside of class that conflict with school.
  • Color code notebooks, folders, materials. Highlight live classes if online or assignments in book by color.  Ex: Math - red folder, notebook, highlight all math assignments in pink, English - yellow folder, yellow highlighter, etc.


Study skills:

  • Dedicate one homework space: Quiet, clean, organized.  No distractions.
  • Keep a schedule - work 30 mins take 10 min break/age appropriate/individualized.
  • Explicitly model note taking.  Use note taking templates.
  • Show students exactly what to study and how to study it.
  • Break big assignments into smaller assignments. Test on Friday - study 20 minutes every night.  Paper due in 10 days - each day work on another bit of it.

Success is:

  • Have a goal and have mini goals.
  • If you have a question - ask.
  • Email your teachers or talk to them - communication.
  • Know how to ask questions.
  • Be timely, neat and prepared.
  • Be polite.

The mission of Online Learning Coaches, LLC is to help students achieve success in education while alleviating the strain on parents by having a third party help manage their child's studies.