We Are Appalled

Posted:  Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 12:30am
- Private group -

Dear Camden Community,

We are appalled. It has come to our attention that the Fox Hill investors hired out of town canvassers to go door-to-door in an effort to circumvent the Select Board decision this Tuesday, February 4th. Apparently, these canvassers are trying to convince voters to sign a petition under the guise of voters’ rights.   

We would like to point out that this misleading tactic subverts our 200-year democratic process, which calls for our elected officials to make decisions on behalf of the best interests of the electorate. If the Select Board votes down the Fox Hill proposal, and enough Camden voters feel differently, they can always put it on the ballot by petition.  

We have full faith and confidence in the Select Board’s abilities to sort through the truths and mistruths about this project and make an informed decision.  

As we have stated since the inception of this proposal: the issue is not about voters’ rights, jobs, or treating addicts. The issue is solely about whether Camden should approve a change to our zoning ordinance that allows a commercial establishment in a residential district where it is prohibited. The answer to that question is no.

We call on the Select Board, our elected representatives, to honor their position and vote their conscience. They owe it to the citizens and our beautiful town.


Citizens of Camden for Responsible Zoning