Wasteless Wednesday

Posted:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 7:45am
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World Food Day was yesterday and food waste has been on my mind.  It can be tough when you live alone not to waste food.  It can be tough with a family not to waste food.  It’s just a challenge not to waste food. 

That’s why stock is so great.  Yesterday I filled my crock pot with almost but not quite bad food including a jar of sauerkraut, leftover apple bread pudding, onion skins and other veggie bits and a lovely chunk of kelp.  The kelp adds a rich umani flavor.  I let it simmer all night- waking up to a smell as good as fresh brewed coffee.  Once I strain I’ll taste and decide what to make depending on the flavor.  You honestly never know the flavor profile because each pot is filled with different ingredients.

It might seem strange to add fruit or bread but they add lovely flavor and the bread helps make a thick stock.  It’s a great way to not waste fruit that gone a bit far but still has a lot of flavor.

What’s in your fridge that can go into your crock pot?  It’s easy and tasty.