UGH- Ticks!

Posted:  Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 11:00am

I actually put garden on my “to-do” list yesterday otherwise....  Two of my garden essentials are gloves and our Eau de Tick Spray.  It smells really good.  In fact, when I’m feeling hot and sweaty at a market I spritz it all over and feel instantly refreshed.  But obviously smelling good is not what this spray is all about.  We get asked all the time “Is it effective?”  Our spray does work but it is not DEET.  This is a natural repellent and will not work like a chemical that means both the good and bad features.  If you are looking for a daily repellent not full of chemicals this is a good solution.  I also use it on my dog Tuffy.  With all natural ingredients you need to shake before you spray and apply frequently- it smells so good you won’t mind.

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