Sustainable Shopping

Posted:  Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 7:30am
- Private group -

Dear Sprout Company,

I tend to shop small and sustainable.  I was frustrated by the lack of variety of sprouting seeds available locally.  I knew whatever I bought would be packaged in plastic so I decided to give you folks a try.  I was super excited about your selection and creative blends.  Sprouts are my fresh veg all winter and my backyard chickens are going to love your Bird Blend.  However I was super disappointed in your packaging.  All those peanuts are gross.  I decided they weren’t biodegradable because there was no loud and proud packaging note.  I have a small business and mail as plastic and trash free as possible.  I think your customer base would appreciate more eco friendly options.  I believe it’s good for the planet but also good business.


A disappointed customer