Sustainability Is Simple

Posted:  Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 8:15am
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One of my goals is to introduce people to the idea of sustainability.  In my day to day life going Zero Waste in the bathroom is easy and so much nicer than using a bunch of chemicals laden products packaged in plastic bottles.  Shampoo bars and “old fashioned” bar soaps are easy to use and create very little waste.  I speak from experience because I am a former hair product junkie.  I had a chronically itchy scalp, wild some might say frizzy hair and I had a lot of self esteem issues connected to my hair.  I would try just about any hair product in the quest for “normal” hair.  My itchy scalp led me to seaweed and seaweed led me to the ocean and the problem with plastic.  

The truth is everything is connected and simple choices can have a big impact.

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