Summer Tutoring - Reading & Writing Programs

Thu, 05/23/2019 - 3:45pm

Many parents and students view the summer as a time to take a breath and relax. And in many ways this is an appropriate way to respond. But the reality is that the summer is the perfect opportunity for students to build on the writing and reading comprehension skills that they were taught during the past school year. Or even better, use the summer break to improve on areas that have been lacking or need a little extra attention.

Regardless of what classes they are enrolled in for the fall, strong grammar, writing and reading comprehension skills are going to be essential for a successful transition back to school. Many students will have homework assignments over the summer. Others will be overwhelmed by the increased homework when entering middle or high school and the incredible amount of writing that their English, history and science classes will demand once school begins.

Organizations like The Study Hall help students enter school with the confidence and skills they need to be successful. By working on grammar and writing skills during the summer students will be able to focus on the content while being confident that their work is getting the recognition it deserves when they start handing in assignments in September. Summer is a great time to build this confidence and increase students’ knowledge of the fundamentals.

Whether one prepares independently or seeks help from an outside organization like The Study Hall; summer is the perfect time to focus on the fundamentals of writing and reading comprehension. With a little extra attention, a student can enter school in the fall with the additional confidence and skills that will make the transition back to school academics smooth and stimulating. Call The Study Hall today for more information at 236-3949 or email