Summer Course at URock: Digital Literacy and Technology in Schools

Fri, 04/19/2019 - 1:30pm

UMA Rockland will offer a one - week education course for professional and pre-service teachers from August 5 through 9 from 8:30AM til 4:00PM. Registration with no payment is open now.

Participants will investigate what it means to be digitally literate in the 21st Century and they will practice digital strategies for engaging students in the learning process in their classrooms. They will also consider the role of paperless classrooms, cloud computing, and web 2.0 tools.

The course is appropriate for elementary, middle, high school, adult education and college teachers as well as pre-service teachers and Ed Techs. Students with little to lots of computer skills are welcome.

The course carries 3 University credits and meets the following technology standards for teachers:

- Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity;

- Design and develop Digital age learning experiences and assessments;

- Model digital age work and learning;

- Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility;

- Engage in professional growth and leadership.

The course will be taught by Anne Fensie. She holds a Master of Education in Instructional Technology. Fensie has been training and consulting with educators at all levels to use technology to transform teaching and learning.

For further information and registration assistance please contact the UMA Rockland Center at 596-6906.