The Stumps, a poem by Dr. John Meyer II

Posted:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 9:19am
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        April is national poetry month, so we wanted to take a moment to honor a great man, Dr. John Meyer II. 
Dr. Meyer wrote a beautiful poem about death and dying and his family has gracelessly allowed us to share it with the world. 
Dr. Meyer passed away in October of 2017. I think of him often and truly enjoyed the time I was able to spend with him in his last days. 

The Stumps

Written By Dr. John Meyer II

When I have finished my work,

Let me fall with dignity

Or if I must fall sooner, with defiance

but let me rest

Let my fibers go to build the strength of the world I share and

make strong supports for those I generated

Let my leaves bring up crocuses by mingling with the soil to give them food

Let my stump molder quietly, offering for what rest for those who wander this way,

 food for creatures, stuff for teaming life

And then in the fullness of time,

Let my dust lend moody elegance to the landscape

 and let my juices find their way through the interstices of Earth,

 to enter into fabric of new life

My immortality will not reside in my remembered identity,

 but in the flow of life to life

Strength growing

In other mortalities

And generation of unborn ideas

© JLM 2017