Still Walks Like a Duck

Posted:  Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 7:30am
- Private group -

FHRE, in a tactical two-step, will now apply for a “community living facility” rather than a drug rehabilitation clinic. But this “single family dwelling” for a group of “individuals functioning as a family unit” still walks like a duck.

Consider: The number of allowed patients will be 8 not 12, staff levels remain at 25, the monthly “rent” is still $60,000, and full services will be offered, so traffic will still substantially increase.

FHRE, what, besides some legal tap dancing, has changed? Precious little. This is a business slipping through a legal loophole into a residential neighborhood. This is still going to cost our taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars each year and violate our zoning code and comprehensive plan. 

FHRE: Why did you choose not to allow the Camden citizens to vote? Did you fear the outcome? Why, after our town’s elected officials said “No” are you pressing ahead with plans? Why not play by the rules and look at our many commercial properties?