Starting a New Business?

Posted:  Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 7:30am

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Start a New Business and a New Relationship: Form an LLC or Corporation in Maine

Jesse Bifulco has not only helped entrepreneurs start, maintain and sell their businesses, he has been a business owner and entrepreneur as well. Penbaylaw business planning attorneys have over thirty years of combined experience in forming corporations, subchapter s corps and LLCs for their clients. It is important to know the legal implications when choosing a business form. All businesses encounter issues that can be costly without timely affordable legal advice. When you choose our firm to form your business, you are starting your relationship with local counsel.

Forming a corporation, an s corporation or a limited liability company is an exciting time. The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Maine. Part of the formula for success is choosing the appropriate business form. While the formal requirements for the formation of a corporation or an LLC in the state of Maine are not onerous or complex, their relative simplicity belies the real value to the business person. The business formation stage is an excellent time to do planning and gain knowledge.

The formation of a business entity is a great opportunity to plan for the future of the business. In order to experience the best chance of success, the business formation stage should be used as a time to take stock and imagine what legal issues might arise in the near term, midterm and long term future of the business.