So Misleading It’s Embarrassing

Posted:  Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 9:15am
- Private group -
Fox Hill Real Estate's new advertisement: "Fox Hill / McLean  Jobs and Wellness for All" is so misleading it’s embarrassing. 
As for jobs, it's disgraceful that the investors behind Fox Hill have inflated their numbers on possible employment and economic benefit so flagrantly that it defies common sense. When questioned, they admitted that they weren't talking specifically about Fox Hill or Camden, but in general about the types of jobs a facility like this could bring to an area. 
As for education, outreach, and conferences, McLean has no education or outreach programs in communities where they currently run facilities. McLean acknowledges that fact. McLean has also repeatedly stated they have no financial investment in Fox Hill, and they hold no lease agreement. Who knows if McLean will even be here? McLean can sever its tenuous attachment to the project at any time.
Fox Hill's  assurance of “Wellness for All” confuses me. There won’t actually be wellness for anyone except eight patients who can afford $60,000/month for a stay. How is that extending wellness to even a single Camden resident? There is no healthcare benefit in this deal for us, nor is there any signed or even stated promise of education programs or conferences in the off-season. If FHRE were being truthful with us, their slogan would be “Jobs and Wellness for the .01 percent.”  
The only sure thing we Camdenites will get from a drug rehab moving in to one of our residential neighborhoods is an established legal precedent paving the way for any other organization wishing to open a drug rehab clinic in a residential zone. They will be able to do so because it’s against federal and state law to allow one and not another. 
We don’t get to say, “No thanks, you’re not rich enough.”  Once we allow one rehab clinic in a residential zone, the door is wide open, and the genie can't go back into the bottle.
Carla Ferguson, Camden