Select Board, Please Vote No

Posted:  Saturday, February 1, 2014 - 7:00am
- Private group -

Dear Members of the Select Board,

We 142 concerned citizens call upon you to bring the Fox Hill rezoning issue to a close. The residents of Camden do not have time to study a 213-page comprehensive plan, a 222-page zoning ordinance, 71 lines of FHRE's proposed changes, and stacks of legal documents. That's not our responsibility—it's yours. As our democratically elected representatives, it is your job to render a verdict. 

We encourage you to vote NO to spot zoning Fox Hill for the following reasons:

  • This is an issue appropriately decided by you, our elected officials, who have citizen letters, meeting transcripts, expert advice, and land-use knowledge.
  • If you vote your conscience and reject the proposal, the voters can always bring it to a town vote via petition, giving them the final say. 
  • The recently overturned rezoning case in Portland all but ensures that a yes vote will end up in costly litigation for Camden. Fox Hill’s request violates our comprehensive plan as well.
  • More spot-zoning applications will be inspired by this proposal, threatening other cherished   Camden neighborhoods.
  • The residents of Bay View deserve a final decision from you regarding the immediate future of their neighborhood, quality of life, and property values.

Please be guided by your sense of duty and conscience and vote NO on February 4.

Citizens of Camden for Responsible Zoning