SAT Prep - The MATH

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 3:00pm

Rockport, ME - So your PSAT score in math was not what you hoped it would be?  We can help.  The Study Hall has several math tutors who have been helping area students with SAT math for many, many SAT exams over the past fifteen years. With the mandatory April 9th SAT test around the corner, now is the time to start to prepare!

We like to start by going over your scores from the PSAT test.  The College Board releases information on how many questions you got right and what types they were.  They have four categories: Heart of Algebra, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math and Additional Math Topics (Geometry & Trig). Within those categories, questions are also sorted by difficulty level: easy, medium and hard. There are two math sections on the test: Calculator and No Calculator.

We spend a few minutes looking over the patterns.  Did you do well on the easy questions in all areas, but had trouble once you got to the mediums? Did you ace the calculator session, but fall behind in the no calculator section?  In that case we would work with you on strategies to boost your confidence without a calculator.

Other patterns could include getting all the Data Analysis right but none of the Algebra, or vice versa.  We’ve seen both!  In that case, we can help you work on your weak area, but we will also encourage you to go with your strength. 

If you have not taken a full SAT yet, we can do this analysis from your PSATs or from having you sit down and take a practice test.  When we go over the answers, we list the particular questions you got right and the ones you got wrong.  Just looking at the spread sheet of those findings can tell us a lot about how to coach you to improve. 

Our tutors have a lot of experience with SAT questions.  If you need to work on quadratics, we can find extra questions to give you to practice.  We can see how well you are using your time, and we can suggest ways to get the most points for the time spent. 

Come see us and let us show you how to improve your math score.  We work with students at all levels—200 through 800!  You may be surprised how much you can gain after we assess your PSAT math and put you on the right track to getting your personal best score. Call us at 236-3949 or email for more information. SAT Prep classes start February 26!