SAT Prep Classes Start March 4th in Rockport

Posted:  Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 2:30pm

Studies show that the more students prepare and become familiar with the types of questions and material on the SAT’s the higher their scores. The Study Hall has over 15 years of experience helping students prepare for the test. The advantages to preparing with a tutor versus on their own or on the computer are enormous. At The Study Hall we work with each student to determine their personal strengths and opportunities when it comes to the SAT test. Then we help the student learn which strategies will help them achieve the best score possible. We have a proven success record with students who on average improve their score 200 points! But we have many students who have improved even more - some as many as 300 points or more.

Obviously any preparation for the SAT’s can help a student’s score, whether it’s working on their own, going through an online tutorial, or working with a professional. The Study Hall’s experience has shown that working with students to define their strengths, work on their opportunities and learn what strategies will help them the most might mean the difference between being accepted at their first-choice school for college or their safety school. There is no comparison to the individual attention students receive when preparing for the SAT’s at The Study Hall. Call us today to sign up for Math and/or Evidence Based Reading and Writing SAT tutoring at 236-3949 or email for more information.

We have a 4 hour class starting Sunday, March 4 from 1-5pm. Math will take place from 1-3pm taught by Joan Benner and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing will be from 3-5pm taught by Sara Rademacher. At The Study Hall our tutors are specialized and only focus on the disciplines in which they are trained. You can choose to signup for both subjects or just one. The class meets for 6 consecutive weeks leading up to the mandatory SAT test date on April 10th.