Registration for Summer and Fall Semesters Opens at University College at Rockland

Posted:  Monday, March 19, 2018 - 4:45am

Rockland - Registration for both summer and fall semesters opens at University College at Rockland on March 19 and continues until those semesters begin. No money is due during this pre-registration period.

The most popular academic degree programs locally include pre-nursing, business administration, education and teacher certification, justice studies, computer information systems, cybersecurity and liberal arts. Current and new students may choose from hundreds of university courses that lead to the completion of full associate and baccalaureate degrees.

Free academic advising is available with professional staff at University College. Scholarship support is also available for first-time students as well as those with more than 30 college credits returning to complete a bachelor's degree.

Course schedules are available at Students may take just one class, or attend full-time and take 4 classes, depending on what best fits into their lifestyles. Financial aid is available for all levels of participation.

Courses are taught face-to-face, online, through interactive television and videoconference.

"We can help any motivated student find the right balance and work towards completion of a college degree," said URock's Director Deborah Meehan.

According to Meehan there is a significant wage gap between those with a college degree and those without.

"College-educated not only have higher earnings than people without degrees, they are also more likely to have health and retirement benefits with their jobs, and they are far less likely to be unemployed," added Meehan. "We will support anyone at whatever stage to create a plan to get that college degree."

For more information or to schedule a free academic advising appointment, contact University College at Rockland at 596-6906.