Recovery Houses Update – Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition

Sun, 12/08/2019 - 6:47am

Many people have asked me lately “what’s going on at the women’s recovery house” or “what’s going on at the men’s recovery house?”.    

I have often heard, “I don’t see any sign of anything going on!  When are you going to open the house to people in recovery?”.

One indication of a good neighbor is “staying to yourself’ unless needed or invited to make contact.  The recovery houses run by the Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition are certified, or are scheduled to be certified, by the National Association of Recovery Residences (NARR).  A very important part of the NARR standards is “Being a Good Neighbor”.

According to NARR, being a “Good Neighbor” includes being responsive to neighbor concerns providing neighbors with the responsible person’s contact information upon request (basically myself) and that the responsible person to respond to neighbor’s concerns (again, myself).   Not only is this information part of our public record (on our website, etc.) but I have reached out to neighbors many times with information how to contact me.

Also, we abide by NARR standards that house residents and staff orientations include how to greet and interact with neighbors and also to have rules regarding smoking, loitering, lewd or offensive language, cleanliness of the property.

Obviously, there is more to being “a good neighbor” than being quiet, peaceful and neat.  A good neighbor is also friendly and helpful.   Over the next year, we plan for more outreach to our neighbors and not just to be quiet, unnoticed neighbors.

Still, we feel this is a good start after some neighbors expressed great fears about violence and ongoing disruption to their normal routines when we purchased both properties.

So, yes, our houses are open and are helping 4 or more individual in each house.  Things are going very well and we look forward to helping more people in the coming year. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Ira Mandel, Director of Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition