Prophetic Tidbit, the meaning of numbers and get ready to activate your prophecy

Sun, 11/28/2021 - 11:00am

Prophetic Tidbit: Unless specifically led by the Hoy Spirit, I don’t invade the enemy’s territory just to do warfare. But rather take and possess the ground the Lord has given to me with the life of His living Presence.

  My spiritual authority lies in the place where I have been given responsibility with accountability - the garden the Lord has given to me to cultivate with divine blessing, and grace in the spirit of humility, (Genesis 1:28) least I become captive to the wiles and schemes of the enemy - a causality of war.

    Our next webinar for the Gift of Prophecy Prophetic Training is December 16th 10:00 am Eastern time. Do you often see specific numbers often repeatedly such as 1:11, 11:11, 555, 333, 222, etc.? During this session, we are going to look at the prophetic meaning of numbers.

    Also, as time permits, bring a short (max 5 sentences) prophetic word given to you and be prepared to share it. We are going to activate the prophecy you have received.  For more information, recorded videos see our Gift of Prophecy FB page at

In His heart and love - Roy Roden