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Posted:  Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 3:06pm
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            The last three weeks we have been talking about making choices for you or your loved one’s care. Whether you are looking for in-home care or at a facility to do the care. There are a lot of choices out there and you should be careful which choice you go with. PHCI is not here to say that in-home care is better then a facility care, we are here to talk about what makes Private Home Care, Inc. different from facility care and other in-home care agencies.

            If a facility is the best placement for you or your loved one, then let PHCI help with check ins. PHCI goes into nursing homes, and assisted living facilities to check in on clients. We have several clients who reside in a nursing home, but the family has hired PHCI to take their loved one to the hair dresser every week or go in and play a game of Yahtzee a few times a week. We take our time and get to know each client on a one on one basis. With our soul focus on a single client we can pay attention to details and report back to the family. Our staff keep detailed notes and check in each week or bi-weekly to make sure your loved ones are getting the attention they deserve. PHCI can be there as much or as little as you need/want.

            Our clients who are currently in a nursing home or assisted living home enjoy going out to game days at the local YMCA or taking a nice outing to their favorite lunch spot. There is no end to the possibilities! The client will get a notebook that is just for them, and our staff will write in it each time they visit. Family has access to this book always and cans see what their loved one is doing during each special visit.

            If in home care is what you need, PHCI is here to help with that too! We have clients all over the coast who we assist with daily living skills or fun outings! PHCI helps with Alzheimer’s, dementia, mobility, and can assist with healing after a surgery, as well as companionship and Hospice care.

Now I know in last weeks blog we talked about some questions you should be sure to get answered! So, let’s go over those questions!


  1. How many caregivers will be coming into my home?
  • This really depends on what your care needs are! PHCI does anywhere from 3 hours to 24-hours a day service. If you only need 3 hours a day two times a week you will have 2 caregivers assigned to you. If you need 24 hours a day 7 days a week you could have up to 10 caregivers assigned to your case. No matter what PHCI always has two caregivers assigned to a case, so you always have a back-up person if the need arises. 

How will I know who the caregivers are?

  • Some agencies send people out to your home with their ID badge to identify themselves. PHCI always assigns a coordinator to each client. The coordinator oversees the case making sure things go smoothly and everyone is happy. PHCI always sends new staff to meet a client with the coordinator. We never send someone out alone to meet you. We want you to see a familiar face when meeting someone new. 

How do I know the caregivers are safe?

  • PHCI does background checks and driving record checks on all our employees. Our case coordinators do random check ins to ensure quality of care. 

What is the hourly cost?

  • Our hourly cost varies depending on what kind of care you need. Our rates start at $28/hour and go to around $35/hour (this is subject to change)

Do you take Private Insurance?

  • PHCI takes some private insurances. Please call for a more accurate answer. 

Do you take Medicare? Or Medicaid?

  • PHCI is a small company, that cannot take Medicare or Medicaid at this time. 

Are there any administrative fees?

  • Yes. PHCI assigns a coordinator to each case. This coordinator does everything from scheduling staff, finding the right staff for the clients and fill’s in as a caregiver when needed. The administration fee is usually small. An example is $10 a week, this does vary on the amount of care needed. 

Are there other services you offer?

  • We offer a few things for purchase such as pee pads, latex free gloves, etc.  

What are your limitations?

 Are your licensed?

  • PHCI purposefully chose to become a state registered personal care agency, rather than licensed, as it allows freedom to provide more personalized care for our clients.  To be licensed by the state would mean we would have to follow the regulations the state has in place for this type of service, we would have to hire professionally trained and licensed staff like RNs, Occupational/Physical Therapists, CNAs, and the like. Not only would cost of care increase, but many individuals who wish to remain in their homes, do not require this type of care. They often only need basic help with daily living: dressing, shopping, meal preparation, or companionship. To be licensed by the state would require us to provide medical care. Additionally, we would also have to follow the state guidelines and protocol for service, which would require more paperwork. So essentially, rather than visit a persons home and help with what they may need or want, we would have follow a checklist of specific tasks to be completed which prevent us from engaging with the client at a more personal level. We want to be able to tailor to our clients needs and preferences. 

Are you Insured?

  • Yes. PHCI is insured because we want our staff and clients to be protected against any issues that may arise. 

Are you bonded?

Yes, PHCI is bonded. Even with all the precautions we have in place we have decided to be bonded too. This helps to ensure our clients are safe and secure.

As you can see PHCI is big on doing what is best for our clients and staff. We want to make a difference one step at a time. Private Home Care Inc. is here for your needs. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask! You can email us at:

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