Plastic Free Produce

Posted:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 6:45am

Have you heard of the plastic free produce movement?  I first heard about it from Australian Anita Horan and social media especially Instagram.  She really raised my awareness about how much plastic is used in the produce department.   We’ve been so conditioned to put our produce in plastic bags.  It’s almost automatic.  Produce does not need to be wrapped in plastic and often produce is over packaged.  It’s possible in the mid-coast area to easily buy produce plastic free.  It helps to invest or make some reusable produce/bulk bags. My first set of reusable produce bags I made from an old sheet.  They didn’t really work, you couldn't see thru them and it confused the cashiers.  Next, I just loaded all my produce into my cart, set it on one bag and then helped get the produce into another bag.  This also caused confusion.  My daughter and I were talking about this and decided what we needed was some super cute bags.  First to help make our produce shopping easier but also to encourage awareness and conversation. I’ve been plastic free produce now for a few years and I find I eat just fine.  Yes, sometimes I miss the convenience of the plastic tub of sweet greens. I buy heads of lettuce, wash and spin in my salad spinner and store right in the spinner so it’s almost as easy.  Next time you are in the produce section of your favorite store- look around, you’ll see a lot of plastic.

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