Pixie Harbor Hoopla

Posted:  Friday, June 15, 2018 - 1:38pm


There was magic on the harbor breeze the morning of June 10th. From all over the Bucksport area, enchanted creatures converged upon the waterfront of the sleepy town. The Pixie Harbor Hooplah was about to begin.

Among the pixies, the pirates, and even a pixie-pirate were the gnomes of Private Home Care, Inc., bound by solemn oath to equip the fantastical troupe with the materials to build. The little ones of Bucksport needed to look no further than the local Gnome Depot to properly outfit the new homes for the wee folk.


Shrieks and laughter floated on the mischievous wind, which tried its best to float away the tents of the Gnome Depot and their comrades; however, our PHCI gnomes are even more mischievous, and successfully managed to hold down their fort. It was with glee and good spirits that they distributed shells, acorns, twigs, and other accoutrements to the enthusiastic engineers of ethereal abodes.


Not far from the Gnome Depot was merriment of all sorts. The chivalrous Down East pirates taught the little pirate-lings the basics of fencing, lest they need to defend the Hooplah from more malevolent beings, such as the Cardinal’s guards. A few stalls down, those who had forgotten their wands at home could make a new one for their spell-work. A kindly cowboy cracked open seemingly ordinary stones to reveal the sparkling magic hidden within. And all around, if one looked closely, they could find tiny hideaways for the more shy fairies. The gnomes watched the fairy houses go up with satisfaction.

That night, after the stands were taken down, and the revelers were snuggled up in bed, sleeping soundly after the day of festivities… the wee folk began to investigate their new village.

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